Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers focus on helping the addiction sufferer reconnect with his/her faith in God as a method to find healing from the addiction. This treatment option works very well for those who were raised in the Christian faith, and therefore know the teaching and feel that the Bible is the divine word of God. If you’re a Christian and considering Christian addiction treatment, then let’s look at what this form a rehab is like and what the benefits of this therapy can be.

What is Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Like?

Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs help patients remember that they are not alone in this world and that they can look to a higher power, God, when they feel that the weight of the world is more than they can bear. Within these treatment settings, patients are required to ask God for help in recovery and look to God for help in order for this to become a natural and automatic response.

These programs are typically run by a specific denomination, for example:

  • Church of Christ
  • Catholic
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist

If the individual is closely tied to a specific denomination then they may benefit from attending a rehab treatment program run by their denomination, since openness is required for the patient to heal. Facing beliefs that are contrary to the way he/she was raised can in some cases put up barriers. But these facilities strive to be respectful of all Christian faiths as their ultimate goal is healing and at their core, all Christian faiths are very similar.

Participants in these programs will attend Christian-based individual therapy sessions, group sessions and attend the services or ceremonies associated with that denomination. These services typically include what you would expect: singing, recitations, prayer, and sermons.

Benefits of Seeking A Christian Drug Rehab Program

1. Better Understanding of Spiritual Needs

In a more general rehab program, little focus is placed on faith, when faith may actually be the best way to reach the addicted individual and help them stay on the recovery path. Many addicts feel that they have “displeased God” or that they have “lost their faith”. They may think that “God is punishing them for something”. Many have experienced a loss that caused them to “blame God.” Others go to church every Sunday and “pretend nothing’s wrong”. And still others may have stopped believing in God entirely.

Christian treatment works with individuals to determine exactly where they are spiritual as it helps that person repair that relationship with God.

2. Better long-term results for those open to a faith-based approach

Many Christian facilities use the AA, 12-step program because it has been so successful. Part of the 12-step program is admitting that you have no control of your disease and that only through the grace of God can you overcome it. By taking the weight off of the individual and placing it on a “higher power” many patients can experience better long-term results. They learn to pray when faced with temptation rather than dwelling on their own will to resist.

3. Less expensive

Many Christian rehab centers are run as non-profits and may be supported by donations from church members and community. Many of the doctors, nurses, and therapists are donating their time or taking a much lower salary than they would in another facility. This means that they can offer reduced rates to those who may be less able to afford treatment.

4. Better able to relate to their therapists

Because the one seeking to recover shares a faith with their therapists, the therapists knows exactly how to relate to the patient with scripture, concepts, and language that the addiction sufferer understands. In secular settings, the therapist may have to take a lot of time trying to figure out how to reach the addicted person and communicate with them in a meaningful way. This delays recovery and can make it less effective.

Finding A Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is committed to helping those suffering from addiction find and stay on the recovery path. To do this, they work with a team of compassionate professionals who understand addiction. When you call our free, confidential helpline, they listen and evaluate your unique physical, behavioral, spiritual and even financial needs. They then connect you with respected and effective treatment options in your area. Addiction is a terrible disease that destroys lives. But with treatment, you can find lasting healing.