This Privacy Policy covers information pertaining to and the information posted on the website further referred to as (“Website” or “Site”). This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand best practices as they relate to our Site and the collection, use, and disclosure of information that you may provide while using the Site.

Please be sure you read the entire Privacy Policy before using or submitting information via this Website. Your decision to access this Site from any computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device means you agree to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of the policy, please refrain from using this Website.

Under certain circumstances we may modify or change this Privacy Policy without notice. These changes will be posted live on the Website. It is important that you periodically review the Privacy Policy to ensure you remain informed and up to date regarding the information collected on the Site.

How We Collect Information

The following details set forth how the information collected on this Website is used. Please review carefully as your use of the site means you are fully aware and accept the use of such information as follows:

Personal Information

We may collect your email address, name, telephone number, mailing address or other personal information when you provide said information to us. This information is used to help you find a treatment facility or to provide you with additional information when you contact us.

Non-Personal Information

Your visit to this Site allows us to collect certain non-personal information including your IP address, the browser used to access the site, operating system, website pages visited during your connection to the site, the domain name from which you accessed this Website and the date and time of your visit. We may also collect information about your browsing behavior, other pages of the Website that you have visited, the amount of time you have spent on the Website and various click data as it pertains to the Website and your visit. This non-personal information may be used for research, analysis and various other purposes.

We may use a “cookie” to analyze how visitors are using the Site. A cookie is a small file placed on your computer when you access this Site which allows the Site to monitor your visitation and use each time you come back. Cookies may be used to personalize your use of this Website, define better Website management practices, monitor the use of the Site, and improve Website services for users. You may choose to set your browser to reject cookies or you may manually reject the use of a cookie from this Site. Visit your browser’s help section for information on deleting or manually setting cookies.

We may use non-personal information that is collected on the Site, including information collected from cookies and other sources, alongside other information we collect from you such as Personal Information listed above, to define user roles, improve or change user experience, and otherwise administer user functions as we see fit during your time on Site.

Use of Information

The information that is collected when you are on this Site may be used for any of the following purposes:

  • To adjust, improve, or otherwise administer quality content that enables functional participation by you in interactive areas of the site.
  • To provide you with ease of access to treatment centers that are local to your IP address.
  • To respond to your inquiries via phone, email or other communication.
  • To review, update, and change Website use, operations and best practices.
  • To review, address, and correct problems with the Website, our business or the services provided to you.
  • To protect and support the security of the Website and our business.
  • To monitor the site to ensure that all laws and TOS rules are met.
  • To connect you with updates to the Site, informational materials, news and other marketing offers from trusted partners and various other companies.

To opt-out of communications such as those listed above, you may contact us by clicking here or by following the instructions within individual emails or similar communication messages that you receive.

Disclosure of Information

Occasionally we may disclose information that we collect from and about you. Information may be disclosed to:

  • Chosen companies and organizations that will utilize the information for their own marketing purposes or for promotional use.
  • Related companies that will use the information to perform a business or service that provides a professional or technical support function for us.
  • To rectify a problem if we believe that there has been a violation of the TOS or of the rights of a third party provider involved in this Website.
  • Respond to a legal process providing information to law enforcement or other agencies in connection with a warrant, court order, subpoena or other court related matter as permitted and required by law.
  • Transfer information and assets as part of a corporate takeover in which all or part of our company is purchased or acquired by another individual or entity.

Personal information may be disclosed with express consent that may not be listed here. We further have the right to share non-personally identifiable details and information about Website users with third party resources. Your use of this Website constitutes that right of information disclosure.

Our goal is to ONLY share personally-identifying information with entities that are appropriately following best privacy practices in according with our own Privacy Policy but this does not bear any responsibility to us for the actions of other such third parties. You may “opt out” of information sharing by contacting us to request such privacy if you prefer that we do not share your information with others. It is your responsibility to remain aware that any information that you share on the Website in a chat, forum, or comment area on Site may be used by a third party. If you choose to disclose this information you could be subject to unsolicited emails or other communication in which you should not expect privacy if you list information in open forums or community spaces on Site.


The information we collect is stored in a secure manner to ensure reasonable and appropriate safety. Various safeguards have been taken to ensure the security of your information. We execute physical, electronic and administrative safeguards to ensure that the information we collect from Website visitors is protected. However, no system of security is perfect and therefore we cannot promise you, nor should you expect, that your information is 100% secure in every circumstance.

Email Procedures and Policies

Information that you send to use via email is protected to ensure your privacy to the best of our ability. However, we are unable to guarantee that email communication is confidential. is not liable or responsible in any way in the event that you or anyone else uses your email in an inappropriate manner.

Internet Based Advertising

At times we may work with ad networks and other third-party ad servers further referred to as “Advertising Providers” that will serve marketing materials and ads on our behalf. These ads are served on non-affiliated sites and may be personalized to provide relevant information based on the data collected from your visits to this Site over time.

You may opt-out of this type of advertising if you wish to do so. Electing to opt-out does not prevent advertising from appearing in your browser or other applications but it does eliminate the sharing of your information with these advertisers and this will result in the ads that are shown in your browser appearing less relevant to your interests. If you opt out, and later change your browser or remove cookies you may have to opt-out again in order to remain private from this type of advertising.

Children Under the Age of 13

This Website, nor the information contained herein, is not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about the information contained in this Privacy Policy, you may contact us by contacting us.