South Carolina, the Palmetto State, was the 8th state to join the union in 1788. It’s known for its thick winding rivers and streams, ample peach orchards, the state amphibian, the spotted salamander, and being perfectly situated along the Atlantic coastline between Georgia and North Carolina. Filled with amazing people and a diverse landscape, it’s a great place to raise a family. But South Carolina doesn’t escape the devastation that addiction brings to individuals and families.

South Carolina Addiction Statistics

  • 8.8% of youth reported using illegal drugs
  • 13.7% of youth admitted to binge drinking in the past month
  • 57.7% of youth saw now harm in having 5+ alcoholic drinks once or twice a week
  • Nearly 300 thousand South Carolinians are alcohol dependent or abusers
  • Over 100 thousand are drug dependent

And surprisingly,

  • 6.8% of alcohol abusers and 13.3% of drug abusers get help each year.

The abuse of opioids, prescription drugs and heroin has reached epidemic proportions and state lawmakers work to pass bills to help curb the addiction and the damage it does to people and communities. Greenville Representative Eric Bedingfield’s own son died last year after a long battle with addiction to pills. He was only 26 years old. Bedingfield is now spearheading state efforts with many other state leaders.

Addiction is far-reaching and no one is immune. It’s a disease that must be treated as a disease so that the one who is sick can heal. There are several public and private inpatient treatment options in South Carolina. In this piece we will discuss a few of them and what they have to offer.

Addiction Rehab Centers in South Carolina

South Carolina addiction treatment centers offer hope and healing to thousands of families each year through their in-patient treatment facilities.

Located on the coastal shores of South Carolina, Sunspire Health of Hilton Head offers 30-90 day residential treatment programs that include an individualized treatment plan and recovery focus, daily individual and group counseling sessions, and skill-building exercises. Group therapy helps the resident to learn how to more positively interact with others, in addition to learning relapse prevention skills.

The therapists utilize education and negative thought-stopping techniques to help residents learn how to not just survive, but to thrive in sobriety. This facility offers daily meals and supervised transportation, as well as medically-assisted treatment interventions, when necessary. Sunspire Health of Hilton boasts a high ratio of therapists to residents for a more focused, individualized approach.

Another option, typically aimed at a person who has previously completed inpatient treatment, is Fresh Start Addiction Treatment. This facility provides an out-patient opioid treatment program providing a number of interventions for the patients, including methadone and suboxone management during detoxification.

These medical interventions are used to essentially wean a person safely off of opiates. During the detox process, the residents are assessed to ensure that they are receiving the type of medical attention that best fits their situation. After detoxification, the residents receive individual and group counseling. This option is best in conjunction with high social family support in the community.

A few other options for drug and alcohol treatment include:

  • Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill
  • Charleston Rehab Center in Charleston
  • Palmetto Carolina Treatment Center in Duncan
  • Crossroads Treatment Center in Columbia
  • Coast Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach
  • Home with a Heart in Liberty, SC

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Centers in South Carolina

Finding the right inpatient drug rehab center for your loved one can be overwhelming. With over 14,000 facilities nationwide, the experience can be daunting. On top of this, the shame and stigma that families may feel about having an addicted loved one can make it difficult to get recommendations from family, church, community or friends. But you don’t have to do this alone. is dedicated to empowering families with information and support to find the right facilities and community resources for the person struggling with addiction.

Our organization is staffed mental health professionals and licensed therapists who listen to your needs — personal, financial, spiritual — and evaluate the addicted person’s needs — behavioral, cognitive, physical, spiritual — to help you find the right facility to offer your loved one meaningful, professional, compassionate care. Our service is completely free and nationwide. We help connect you and your loved one with the place and people where healing can take place.

South Carolina Drug and Alcohol Rehabs