Ohio, the Buckeye State, is the proud home to the Rock & Roll and Football Halls of Fame. The famous astronauts, Neil Armstrong and John Glenn were both born in Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers along with Ohio native Lebron James won the NBA championship in 2016. But like other states, Ohio is also home to those suffering from addiction.

Ohio Addiction Statistics

  • 8.3% of youth report using illegal drugs
  • 15.3% of teens binge drink
  • 63% of adolescents don’t see great harm in drinking 5+ alcoholic drinks onces to twice a week.
  • 45 thousand youth say they have used unprescribed pain killers
  • Nearly 300 thousand Ohio residents are dependent on or abuse illegal drugs
  • Nearly 700 thousand are dependent on or abuse alcohol

And yet, shockingly,

  • Only 8.4% of alcohol abusers and 17.5% of drug abuser get treatment each year.

We should note that Ohio is among the top states in the US in regards to the nation in drug treatment rate.

Addiction is a disease that impacts more than just the addicted individual. It’s effects are far-reaching and devastating. Friends, family, communities all suffer. And the individual rarely seeks treatment on his/her own. But getting on the road of recovery is the only way to put the destruction in the rear view mirror and together everyone involved finds healing and hope. Here are a few treatment options in the Ohio area.

Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Ohio is home to several addiction treatment options. Two addiction treatment facilities are Beckett Springs of West Chester Township and New Destiny Treatment in Clinton.

Beckett Springs, located in Beckett Ridge, houses a 48-bed behavioral hospital that provides adult inpatient and outpatient services for addiction, as well as family support, resources and education. This facility also offers a partial hospitalization program for residents that may need 24/7 attention, with medical care available, but don’t need to intensity of inpatient treatment.

Residents of the inpatient program at Beckett Springs receive extensive clinical and medical assessments, psychiatric stabilization and rehabilitation services for living a life of sobriety.

This program provides the benefits of a structured secure atmosphere with 24 hours of available nursing attention and intensive treatment, which differs from the wiggle room of outpatient treatment. During treatment at the Beckett Springs inpatient facility, each resident can expect to have his/her biological, psychological and relationship needs met through:

  • 10 hours of therapeutic interventions per day
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Educational lectures and instruction on the disease of addiction
  • Fitness and wellness therapy
  • Life skills courses
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Family support and education

A second option for drug and alcohol abuse treatment is New Destiny Treatment in Clinton, which is connected to the Barberton Rescue Mission of 1961, whose mission was to house those struggling with addiction and homeless people. This facility, spanning 13 acres of beautiful grounds, is founded on Christian principles with 65 beds available.

The stay is typically 9 months of residential intensive treatment. This facility believes that 9 months is necessary for an addicted brain to heal and for the body and spirit to return to the level of functioning prior to active addiction and any trauma that may be present.

The residential/inpatient program at New Destiny offers:

  • Individual therapy
  • Psychoeducational courses
  • Group therapy
  • Nursing attention
  • Psychiatric monitoring

A few other options for addiction treatment in the state of Illinois include:

  • Center for Addiction Treatment in Cincinnati
  • Shepherd Hill of Newark
  • Northland Treatment Center in Milford
  • IBH Addiction Recovery Center of Akron
  • Dublin Springs in Dublin
  • Zepf Center Central of Toledo
  • The Woods at Parkside in Gahanna

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ohio

Adrugrehab.org is dedicated to helping the addicted individuals and their families find and stay on the recovery path. When you call our free, confidential hotline, our team of compassionate mental health professionals, licensed counselors and those in recovery, listen and evaluate the addicted individual’s unique physical and behavioral needs.

We then connect you with treatment options in Ohio like medical detox, intensive intervention and relapse prevention. We also provide an extensive library of resources on topics like, what to expect in various treatments, latest treatment options and finding and maintaining last health.

Ohio Drug and Alcohol Rehabs