North Carolina, over 50,000 miles of forest, farms, social awareness, and friendly people, is nestled up against the Atlantic Ocean and shares a border with 4 states. Home to two United States Presidents, Johnson and Polk, the state motto, “To be, rather than to seem” sums it up well. It’s a state of those who know who they are and don’t try to pretend that they’re something they’re not. But North Carolina has another side.

North Carolina Addiction Statistics

  •  9.2% of youth reported using illegal drugs
  • 12% of youth admitted the binge drinking
  • 59% of youth said they saw no harm in someone drinking 5+ alcoholic drinks once or twice a week
  • Over 200 thousand North Carolinians struggle with drug dependency
  • Almost 400 thousand adults 21+ can be labeled as heavy drinkers

And shockingly,

  • Only 6.9% of alcohol abusers  and 8.8% of drug abusers get help each year.

Families and communities in North Carolina have been particularly burdened with the increase in abuse of prescription painkillers (opioids). Their legal system, police force and community programs have become overwhelmed with the epidemic and death rates from overdose have increased over 500% over the past 15 years. As communities work toward prevention, individuals who are addicted must fight their own battles to find healing and hope.

Addiction is a disease that affects not only the individual but the family and community as well. Addicted persons rarely seek treatment on their own, often leaving loved ones to willingly take on the responsibility of seeking out drug rehab facilities. Here’s a look at a few options for Rehab in North Carolina.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to many excellent treatment facilities for drug and alcohol abuse.

The Four Circles Recovery Center of Horse Shoe, NC, offer a women’s program and separate men’s program, targeting both alcohol and drug abuse in addition to co-occurring mental health concerns. This treatment facility provides the 12-step recovery philosophy that is interwoven into the facility’s state-of-the-art wilderness program to help residents learn transitional life skills when they return to a community in sobriety, as returning to an environment without the familiar comfort of a substance can be extremely challenging.

The Four Circles Recovery Center utilizes individual, group and family therapy programs to ensure a holistic healing approach, with education on what to expect with addiction, skill-building and relapse prevention planning, and community and group resources (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous). This facility also offers art therapy, martial arts and Rites of Passage ceremonies for the residents. The Rites of Passage ceremonies are less common overall in society today, but just as important for individuals re-entering a new world of sobriety as they are for teens who cross the milestone to adulthood.

With over 40 years of experience with drug and alcohol dependence, McLeod Addictive Disease Center in Concord is another promising treatment option. With its offer of an adult program and adolescent program, it allows for early intervention with the teenagers as well as the possibility for story-sharing from the older residents to the adolescents. The adult program includes medical evaluations, individual, group, and weekly family therapy, with a gender-specific focus. This facility offers access to religious services upon request and 12-step philosophy.

A few other addiction treatment facility options are:

  • Trails Carolina- Lake Toxaway
  • First at Blue Ridge- Black Mountain
  • Residential Treatment Services at Alamance Inc- Burlington
  • Samuel Billings Center in Charlotte
  • Dreams Treatment Services Inc- Greensboro

Finding a Drug Rehab in North Carolina is dedicated to helping people beat addiction and find lasting healing through a treatment plan that works for the addicted person’s unique needs. Our mental health professional, licensed counselors and those in recovery provide information and support to people who have an addicted loved one in need of appropriate, impactful and compassionate care in an addictions rehab setting.

We’re not a rehab facility. We listen and help connect you with a private or state facility that provides safest and most effective behavioral and physical treatment programs for your loved one’s specific needs. We empower you and your loved one throughout the entire process from inpatient, to post-discharge or relapse prevent care.

North Carolina Drug and Alcohol Rehabs