Maryland, the state where Clara Barton founded and ran the American Red Cross, offered up the swath of land that became Washington D.C. They are the location of the first U.S. Navel academy, Annapolis. Legendary Major League Baseball Player Babe Ruth called Maryland home. Maryland like other states is also home to those suffering from addiction.

Maryland Addiction Statistics

  • 10.8% of youth use illegal drugs
  • 57.1% of teens see no harm in drinking 5+ alcoholic drinks once to twice a week
  • 4.6% of adolescents have used unprescribed pain killers
  • 12.6% of use binge drink
  • Over 300 thousand Maryland residents are dependent on or abusers of alcohol
  • Nearly 150 thousand are dependent on or abusers of illegal drugs

And yet sadly, only,

  • 8.8% of alcohol abusers and 14.8% of drug abusers get help each year.

Addiction is a disease that leaves a terrible wake in the lives of individuals and those who love them. This impact can expand into the community around them. But with treatment those suffering with addiction can find and follow the recovery path to experience lasting healing. Here are a few treatment options in the state of Maryland.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Maryland

Maryland is home to many treatment options for addiction. Two of these facilities are Father Martin’s Ashley in Havre de Grace and The Jude House Inc. of Be Alton.

The staff of Father Martin’s Ashley, located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, hold the belief that “before recovery comes understanding, before understanding comes acceptance.” This is why the staff’s first goal is to help each resident understand what the disease of addiction truly means for his/her life. This facility provides medical expertise, psychological evaluation and monitoring and the tools needed to maintain lasting change in sobriety. The Primary Program includes:

  • Direct contact with Ashley’s team of certified medical experts and Masters-level therapists
  • Consultations to address the medical, nutritional and therapeutic needs of each resident
  • Medically managed detoxification at the facility
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Interactive courses
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Continued support and education on the disease of addiction
  • Individualized aftercare plan to monitor and facilitate the transition from inpatient treatment to a step-down phase of treatment

A second addiction treatment option is The Jude House Inc., located in Bel Alton, which holds the philosophy that “chemical dependencies are treatable, highly complex illnesses. Treatment is most often successfully when chemically dependent persons come together in an atmosphere of abstinence and mutual support.” This facility accepts residents who are:

  • 19 years old or older
  • Non-violent
  • Chemically dependent on a substance
  • Capable of participating in program activities
  • Able to provide own self-care
  • Free of active transmittable diseases
  • Able to maintain and move towards growth toward a sober lifestyle

The programs of The Jude House Inc offer an extensive range of services to each resident including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy and support
  • Sober life skills
  • Social skill building
  • Career coaching
  • Job search help
  • Housing search aid
  • Case management services
  • Community resources
  • 12-step meetings with AA and NA available

Additional MD Treatment Options Include

  • Serenity Acres of Crownsville
  • The Ragpicker Inc. Recovery House
  • Fields and Fields Treatment Center, LLC in District Heights
  • Worcester County Health Department, Pocomoke City
  • Weber Sober Homes and Addiction Group, Westminster
  • Business Health Services, Baltimore
  • Transitions llc, Hagerstown

Finding Addiction Treatment in Maryland is dedicated to connecting those suffering from addiction and their loved ones with respectable and effective facilities, programs and professionals. When you call our free, confidential hotline, our compassionate team of mental health professionals, licensed counselors and those in recovery listen and evaluate your unique physical and behavioral needs and educate you about options in the state of Maryland that align with those unique needs.

Maryland Drug and Alcohol Rehabs