Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, is known for the Kentucky Derby, Mammoth Caves and pristine landscapes. The name of the state comes for an Iroquois word meaning “land of tomorrow”. Many current and historically famous people called Kentucky home. Among them, Abraham Lincoln, famed train engineer, Casey Jones, several actors, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp and TV journalist, Diane Sawyer. Kentucky, like other states, is also home to those suffering from addiction.

Kentucky Addiction Statistics

  • 7.2% of youth report using illegal drugs
  • 12.8% of teens binge drink alcohol
  • 62.1% of adolescents see no harm in drinking 5+ alcoholic drinks once to twice a week
  • 15 thousand youth admit to taking unprescribed pain killers
  • Over 200 thousand Kentucky residents are dependent on or abusers of alcohol
  • Around 100 thousand are dependent on or abusers of illegal drugs

And, surprisingly, only,

  • 8.2% of alcohol abusers and 18.1% of drug abuser get treatment each year.

Addiction is a disease that wreaks havoc on not only the individual suffering directly from the addiction, but also the friends, family and community around them. The effects can be prolonged and devastating. It can be very difficult to keep hope alive. But through effective treatment, addicted individual can find and stay on the recovery path. Their families can put the nightmare behind them and begin finding lasting healing. Here are some treatment options in the state of Kentucky.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky

There are several treatment options in the Kentucky. Among them, are SelfRefind in Danville, Bowling Green, London, Columbia and several other locations in the state and Mattie’s House Sober Living in Louisville.

SelfRefind focuses on the transformation of the individual from one who is dependent and broken to one who is healthy, joyful and ready to re-enter society as a completely changed person. They utilize evidence-based care that combines identifying and addressing trauma through education with medication-assisted treatment. Their focus is on helping individuals addicted to opioids (pain killers)  like opium, morphine, codeine and heroin.

SelfRefind does not, however, offer an inpatient or residential program. It is an intensive outpatient treatment program for those suffering from addiction. The program typically works something like this:

  1. The patient arrives for an initial consultation with the doctor which includes: initial physical, blood/urine test, talk with the doctor and likely one or more prescriptions to help address the addiction and any other mental health needs.
  2. The patient remains under observation of medical professionals while receiving the first dose, which can cause dangerous side effects if patient is not in medical care.
  3. Once the patient is cleared, he/she goes home with the medication.
  4. The patient then returns 3-4 times a month for classes and one-one visits with professional counselors and doctors to address the root causes of the addiction and to learn how to manage it.

Program lengths vary depending on several factors like the type of addiction, how many times the individual has relapsed in the past and any underlying mental health issues. Many private insurance companies will pay for these kinds of programs but will require a prior authorization.

Mattie’s House is a treatment facility who’s mission is helping women find the recovery path and learn the life skill they need to be healthy, happy and productive mothers, sisters, daughters and citizens. They specialize in short-term (30 days) sober living residential rehab, but also offer inpatient rehab and long term (30+ days) sober living rehab treatment.

Those recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs will be greeted by a “family” support setting consisting of up to 5 other residents and a house manager who supervises and counsels the women in her charge. The women are free to come and go as they please as long as they inform the house manager, creating a sense of accountability to their house mates and to themselves.

Weekly group meetings cover topics like “staying clean”, dealing with life, managing money and finding/keeping a job.

Finding Addiction Treatment in Kentucky is dedicated to connecting addicted individuals and their loved ones with respected and effective addiction treatment options in Kentucky.  When you call our free, confidential helpline, you’ll work directly with a team of compassionate mental health professionals, licensed counselors and those in recovery.

We listen and evaluate the unique physical and behavioral needs of the person suffering from the addiction. We help you navigate an often confusing and overwhelming sea of options, so that you find the treatment professionals, facilities and programs that put the addicted person on the path to recovery.

Whether you’re looking for information and help locating safe and effective medical detox, intensive interventions, post rehab programs or relapse prevention, we’re here to help you and your loved one find lasting healing and hope.

Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Rehabs