With the largest portion of land held by the U.S. Forest Service of any state, Idaho is a true gem of the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful, rugged and home to a number of industries and a growing economy, Idaho is known for agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing and tourism. The state is also a main center for technology and science organizations, including the largest Department of Energy facility in the U.S., the Idaho National Laboratory. In spite of its reputation, Idaho is not the top producer of potatoes in the country anymore. However, it does continue to grow impressive amounts of potatoes each year.

The wide open spaces and natural beauty of Idaho make it an easy state to get lost in, with forests and mountains never far away. But even with so many outdoor activities and a relatively relaxed lifestyle, Idaho suffers from many of the same drug and alcohol abuse problems that other states do. Drug use statistics indicate that Idaho falls along the same lines as the national average for illicit drug use, including prescription drug abuse and methamphetamine production problems that plague the rest of the country.

There are solutions to drug dependency available in Idaho. Numerous treatment programs are available, particularly in the more populous areas like Boise. No matter the substance, it is possible to find help from caring, committed professionals.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Idaho

There are respected drug and alcohol rehab centers located throughout the state of Idaho, each offering programs specifically designed to help patients recover from drug and alcohol addition and get back on their feet. Programs generally fall into two categories – inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient programs require patients to stay at the treatment center for a set period of time to undergo intensive treatment. Outpatient programs involve regular visits to the treatment center, but do not require that the patient stay at the center 24/7. Which type of program is ideal for you is best determined by your treatment provider.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please contact our team to learn more about treatment centers in Idaho. We are standing by to answer your questions and help you get the treatment you are looking for.

Boise, ID Rehab Centers

Intermountain Hospital

Intermountain Hospital offers specific treatment programs for different types of patients, including adults, adolescents, teens and mature adults. As a treatment center for both substance abuse and mental health, Intermountain Hospital is well-qualified to provide comprehensive treatment that addresses all facets of addiction. From intensive inpatient programs to partial hospitalization, transition programs for pain medication use to programs for younger people, Intermountain Hospital has the ability to care for anyone who really wants to make a change.

Intermountain Hospital is located in an area that facilitates healing, situated on a park-like campus spanning 10 acres. Since 1980, the team at Intermountain has been here to guide patients out of the chaos of drug and alcohol dependency and onto a more productive, happier life.

Services Offered

  • Adult inpatient treatment
  • New Start – 21 to 28 day inpatient program
  • Journeys – 24-hour inpatient care for adolescents age 12 through 17
  • CAST – Program for teens who have problems with drug abuse and mental health
  • Generations – For seniors who are dealing with mental health issues and drug and alcohol abuse
  • Partial hospitalization – Designed to help patients transition from inpatient care to normal life
  • Transitions pain program – Helping those addicted to pain medication

Location and Contact

303 North Allumbaugh

Boise, ID 83704

(800) 321-5984

Challis, ID Rehab Centers

Rainbow’s End Recovery Center

Located in the mountains of Central Idaho, Rainbow’s End is the ideal retreat for those who want to focus fully on recovery. A dual-diagnosis treatment center, Rainbow’s End is staffed by medical professionals, therapists and nurses who understand substance abuse and have a proven ability to help people recover from addiction. Rainbow’s End is designed to be warm, welcoming and less clinical in nature. Treatment is intensive, but the environment is peaceful, open and integrated into the natural surroundings.

Services Offered

  • Inpatient care
  • Family involvement is encouraged
  • Outdoor programs, including fly fishing
  • Nutritious meals, often prepared with local organic produce
  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling

Location and Contact

25341 Highway 93

Challis, Idaho 83266

(855) 263-2267

Idaho Drug and Alcohol Rehabs