When the average person thinks about Hawaii, he or she most likely is thinking of warm weather, warm water, and lots of things to do while on vacation. While for vacationers, Hawaii is Paradise, to those who live there it is the state they call home. In Hawaii they go to work, go to school, or stay at home to raise a family. Like their counterparts in every other state, they may thrive or, perhaps, need help in conquering substance abuse.

Is Rehab Really Necessary?

Substance abuse disorder is another name for drug or alcohol addiction. Substance abuse disorder is the dependence on illicit or legal drugs or medications. Bear in mind that both nicotine and alcohol are legal substances and are also classified as drugs.

When a person has a substance abuse problem, they are likely to have serious long-term consequences such as physical and mental health issues, suffer poor relationships, have problems with work and employment, and substance abuse may lead to legal problems.

When to Seek Help with Substance Abuse

If your substance abuse problem is out of your control and causing problems, it is time to seek help. The sooner a person with a substance abuse problem gets help, the better the chances for a long-term recovery. One solution is to talk with your primary care doctor for a referral to a doctor who is a specialist in addiction medication.

3 Signs You Need Rehab

If you aren’t ready to visit a health professional for help with your substance abuse problem consider calling a drug abuse hotline or helpline so you can learn more about treatment. Nevertheless, seek help if:

  1. You can’t stop using a drug or alcohol
  2. Your substance abuse disorder leads you to risky behavior such as needle sharing or unprotected sex
  3. You encounter withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using a substance

Why Willpower Is Frequently Not Enough

The initial decision made to try a drug or alcohol are a reflection on how a person exercises free choice. But, once the brain is changed by frequent substance use and abuse willpower itself is impaired.

In addition, the most difficult and uncomfortable part of dealing with substance abuse is withdrawal. Depending on which substance a person takes the severity and discomfort of withdrawal can range from mild to moderate or severe. For many Hawaiians, withdrawal is best accomplished under medical supervision – preferably as an inpatient in a drug or alcohol treatment facility.

Best Hawaii Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

People who suffer from substance abuse in Hawaii have tons of treatment options available. Following are some of the top choices in Hawaii for substance abuse treatment.

The Exclusive, Honokaa, Hawaii

The Exclusive offers a luxury setting for detoxification and treatment of substance abuse. It offers many traditional and holistic treatment modalities in a spa-like setting. With top ratings from alumni and family members, the Exclusive is highly recommended. Private insurance is accepted and financing is available. Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted at this time.

Hawaii Island Recovery, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii Island Recovery melds traditional substance abuse treatment in a resort style setting with wild dolphin therapy and equine therapy. Hawaii Island Recovery enjoys high ranking scores from former patients. Other features are a low client to staff ratio, individualized treatment plans, and a well-rounded recovery experience.

Private insurance and self-pay (financing available) accepted. Not accepting Medicare or Medicaid.

Ku Aloha Ola Mau Inc East Hawaii Treatment Clinic, Hilo Hawaii

This substance abuse treatment program is offered on an outpatient basis. Services provided include:

  • Detoxification
  • Substance abuse treatment services
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Buprenorphine and Suboxone treatment services
  • Methadone detoxification

This treatment facility treats special populations including addiction treatment for:

  1. People with HIV/AIDS
  2. Addiction treatment for women
  3. Addiction treatment for pregnant/postpartum women
  4. Court ordered addiction treatment
  5. ASL or other assistance for the hearing impaired

All types of financing including Medicaid, Medicare, Self-payment, state financed insurance other than Medicaid and private health insurance are accepted.

Hawaii Drug and Alcohol Rehabs