Florida, the Sunshine State, is the 4th most-populated state in the U.S. Known for tourism, warm weather year-round, the Everglades, retirement communities, citrus fruit production, music, and culture, it is a state filled with endless opportunities.

But, like other states, it is also home to those struggling with addiction. Addiction is a disease that leaves a wide path of destruction in its wake, affecting not only the individual but also family, friends, and community as well. Yet through a Florida addiction treatment program, those suffering can find healing and hope.

Top 5 Florida Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Florida offers many options for those individuals in active addiction and their families. Considered the drug and alcohol rehab capital of America, Florida has a vast array of treatment centers that offer individualized care to help you or a loved one get on the path to a substance-free life.

We have compiled a list of the top Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers based on the positive outcomes experienced by patients and the accreditations these centers hold.

1. Ocean Breeze Recovery, Ft. Lauderdale

Ocean Breeze Recovery, located in Pompano Beach, boasts its mission to “heal the broken mind, body, and spirit – one person at a time – providing stability, support, and solution-based thinking.” This facility offers an individualized approach that changes to accommodate the needs of the resident at any point during treatment.

Ocean Breeze offers a variety of treatment options to cater to the unique needs of each patient. Some of these include a holistic approach, which focuses on restoring mind, body, and spirit through yoga, meditation, and acupuncture; individual and group therapy; life and coping skills education; art therapy; animal therapy; nutritional interventions; aftercare that includes an intensive outpatient program for monitoring, therapy, and support; and sober living.

2. Watershed Treatment, Boynton Beach

The Watershed in Boynton Beach has been providing drug and alcohol treatment since 1998 and has helped more than 55,000 individuals through its programs. The Watershed’s foundation for successful recovery includes medical, counseling, and educational services that combine to give the patient a solid base to build a substance-free life upon.

The Watershed provides individualized programs that include a men’s addiction treatment program, a women’s program, treatment for dual diagnoses, and programs for young adults and professionals. The center also offers medical detox services as well as inpatient and residential treatment programs.

3. SalusCare, Southwest Florida

SalusCare provides comprehensive mental and alcohol and drug addiction treatment at locations throughout Lee County, Florida. Their services include outpatient psychiatry, residential treatment programs, sober living, therapy, emergency services, and detox services.

All of the substance use programs offered by SalusCare are accredited by CARF International, a non-profit accreditor of health and human services. They offer treatment programs for both youth and adults that include an initial screening and detoxification programs if needed as well as outpatient and residential options.

4. Fairwinds Treatment Center, Clearwater

For 28 years, Fairwinds Treatment Center has been providing support and treatment for those suffering from eating disorders, substance abuse, and mental health issues. The center utilizes an integrated, dual-diagnosis approach to treat all disorders affecting the patient so he or she can be on the way to a brighter, healthier future.

Fairwinds offers treatment for a number of different issues, including anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating; drug addiction and alcoholism; anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and trauma recovery; and more. They also provide different levels of care to address each patient’s individual needs. These levels of care include inpatient and outpatient treatment, residential programs, partial hospitalization, and detox programs.

5. Gulf Breeze Recovery, Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze Recovery provides a non-12-step, holistic approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Their comfortable, spa-like facility enables patients to focus on their path to recovery without distraction. Gulf Breeze utilizes a treatment approach they refer to as THRIVE, which focuses on the underlying causes of substance abuse rather than simply the addictive behaviors.

Gulf Breeze Recovery treats each patient as a guest and ensures that his or her stay is as comfortable and conducive to recovery as possible. The center offers medically-assisted detox programs, inpatient treatment, and aftercare. It also provides resistance reversal programs for those who resist the idea of seeking treatment.

Florida Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

If you are severely addicted to drugs or alcohol, beginning your journey to recovery will most likely start with medically-supervised detoxification. This ensures that your detox process is as safe and comfortable as possible and provides any medical assistance if needed.

Sunrise Detox, located in Orlando, provides detox services for drug and alcohol dependence in its 40-bed, modern facility. This detox center provides safe and professional detoxification assistance in its comfortable and luxurious free-standing facility. The center also partners with other treatment facilities to ensure an easy transition into the next stage of recovery.

Florida Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a form of addiction treatment in which a patient stays for an extended period of time at a treatment facility in a residential setting. This treatment option is an ideal way to receive long-term care while recovering from a substance abuse disorder. Inpatient rehabilitation is recommended for those with a severe addiction or who have a tempting and enabling home environment.

Most Florida inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers follow a specific treatment approach which integrates a number of therapy and treatment components. For example, they may offer treatment that includes the following:

  • behavioral therapy
  • support groups
  • group therapy
  • family therapy
  • dual diagnosis care
  • detoxification programs
  • medication support
  • 12-step programs

Once the patient has been admitted to the treatment facility, the medical staff will perform a thorough evaluation that will allow them to devise the best method of treatment for the patient’s individual needs and situation.

Florida Drug And Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Lengths

The length of a patient’s stay will depend largely on the extent of his or substance abuse disorder as well as the treatment center. Most inpatient stays are either short term or long term. Short-term treatment can range from 30 to 60 days, while long-term treatment is typically 90 days or more.

WhiteSands Treatment Centers, located in Tampa and Ft. Myers, offer 30- and 60-day inpatient programs where patients undergo intensive treatment each day. This is generally after the patient has first gone through the center’s medical detox program, which helps the individual wean off drugs or alcohol in a safe and monitored environment.

12 Keys Rehab in Jensen Beach offers long-term drug and alcohol treatment programs that range from 60 to 90 days. They offer

Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders

A co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis, occurs when a person is suffering from both a mental health disorder as well as a substance abuse disorder. A co-occurring disorder can sometimes be difficult to treat, as one issue usually fuels the other. However, treatment centers that offer programs for co-occurring disorders typically provide integrated approaches that are often successful at addressing the issues that come with both sides of a dual diagnosis.

Fairwinds Treatment Center has specialized in dual diagnosis treatment since it first opened its doors in 1989. The center has a team of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and nurses who work together to formulate an individualized plan for each patient and provide comprehensive, family-focused care.

Florida Court-Ordered Rehab Programs

The path of severe addiction can sometimes lead to legal trouble. If you or a loved one has been required to attend a treatment program as part of a court-ordered mandate, there are many options available in Florida.

The Orlando Bridge Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program offers a peer-led and peer-driven environment where adult male felony drug offenders can go to receive long-term substance abuse treatment. The Orlando Bridge is a 91-bed facility that utilizes a three-phase program which includes intensive substance abuse treatment, employment education, and re-entry into the community.

Florida Luxury Rehabilitation Centers

A luxury rehab program provides intensive substance abuse treatment in a luxury environment that often includes additional amenities. This type of treatment center can be incredibly comfortable and provide many perks, but it often comes with a much higher price tag than traditional rehabilitation centers.

Beachside Rehab, located in St. Fort Pierce, is a private recovery center that offers a luxurious island setting with state-of-the-art facilities. The center provides detox and holistic treatment as well as drug, alcohol, and dual diagnosis programs in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Beachside Rehab provides a variety of customizable treatment options and stay lengths catered to each patient’s needs.

Paying For Inpatient Florida Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many rehab centers require you to pay out-of-pocket with the help of public or private insurance. Drug rehab facilities in Florida accept a wide variety of insurance plans, but insurance carriers accepted will vary from one rehab center to the next.

The most common insurance providers accepted at facilities in Florida include:

Some Florida drug and alcohol rehab facilities also accept state-issued insurance such as Medicaid and Medicare. It is best to call ahead to the facility to ensure they accept your insurance to avoid any issues with the admission process.

Florida Low-Cost, State-Funded, Or Free Inpatient Treatment

Florida offers a few options for those who are unable to afford the cost of drug and alcohol inpatient treatment. Florida’s Opioid State Targeted Response Project provides methadone and buprenorphine maintenance treatment for those who are uninsured or whose insurance does not cover much or any of the cost of addiction treatment. You can call the Florida Department of Children and Families to find out more information about this project.

Additionally, there are many Florida drug rehab centers that offer payment plans or other payment options to make the cost of receiving treatment easier to bear. Recovery First, located in Hollywood, offers patients the option of a payment plan as well as private pay methods.

Florida Outpatient Drug And Alcohol Centers

Many Florida addiction rehab centers offer outpatient treatment, but outpatient drug and alcohol programs are also offered in other places such as hospitals and psychiatrists’ offices. Outpatient programs enable people to get treatment for addiction while still allowing them to live at home and go to work or school. This works best for those with a healthy home environment as well as a strong and reliable network of friends or family who will support them through their journey to recovery.

Guardian Recovery Network Intensive Outpatient Program in Delray Beach offers a variety of outpatient treatment options to help you or loved one recover from a substance use disorder. They provide both gender-specific and age-specific options, depending on the unique needs of the patient, as well as family therapy, 12-step immersion, and relapse prevention.

Florida Substance Abuse Statistics 

In 2017, a state of emergency was declared by the Governor of Florida as a result of the overwhelming opioid epidemic. This came in response to the nearly 2,800 deaths caused by opioid-related overdoses in 2016.

As with many other states, the use and abuse of substances is on the rise in Florida, specifically synthetic drugs and opioids. Two hundred people died as a result of synthetic drug overdoses in Florida in 2013; this is a significant difference to the more than 1,500 deaths reported in the state in 2016. It has also been reported that more than 400,000 Floridians are dependent on or abuse illegal drugs, with 9.1 percent of youth self-reporting that they use illegal drugs.

While the opioid and substance abuse and addiction crisis continues to rise in Florida, it’s important to know that treatment is available and is the first step to a substance-free life. Understanding the options available to you and the treatment centers that offer what you need is a good place to start your path to recovery.

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