California, the Golden State, home to over 40 million people, making in the largest state in population size, is also the location of a massive tourist trade. Birthplace of McDonald’s and location of the oldest tree on earth, Silicone Valley, Hollywood and the Great Gold Rush of 1849, for many, California is place of wonder and for others, it’s just home. But for all its sunshine, California like many states has a darker, more hidden side — addiction.

California Addiction Statistics

  • 11.2% of youths report that they have used illegal drugs
  • 58.9% of youths see no great risk to drinking 5+ alcoholic drinks once or twice a week
  • Almost 1 million people are addicted to illegal drugs
  • Over 2 million people are dependent on or abusers of alcohol

And yet, sadly,

  • Only 9.1% of alcohol abusers and 12.4% of drug abusers get treatment each year

Addiction is a terrible disease that can destroy individuals, families and communities. But there is healing and hope through effective substance abuse programs. Let’s take a look at a couple addiction treatment center options in California.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in California

For those ready to take that first step towards healing from the ravages of addiction, California is home to many options for addiction treatment centers.

Hope by the Sea, located in San Juan Capistrano, maintains a philosophy that every resident holds within them the power and capacity to change, and that every person can recover with support and a treatment program that fits their individual needs. With a typical stay between 4 and 12 weeks, this facility provides a college track, gender-specific track or a Christian track towards healing, allowing for option that fits best for the resident and their families.

Hope by the Sea offers detox plus residential treatment, a young adult program, a men-only program and a women’s program, as well as the option to address co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression or bipolar. In addition to individual, group, and family therapy with addiction education, this treatment center gives the option of non 12-step alternatives to the traditional model, if desired.

Another California facility known for its good work is Above It All Treatment Center located at the San Bernadino Nation Forest in Lake Arrowhead. This facility offers its drug-specific programs tailored to each person’s needs based on their drug-of-choice, including a opiate addiction treatment, meth program or cocaine addiction treatment. From nature walks to meditation groups to spiritual support, Above It All Treatment Center boasts a holistic method of healing with its Mind, Body and Soul approach.

Above It All Treatment also has a wonderful guarantee and incentive to choose their programs, including a 30-day free-of-charge re-admission provided if a resident relapses and needs to return to treatment following discharge, as well as meeting these criteria:

  • The resident must have completed 60 days of continuous treatment at Above It All Treatment Centers or CareForward Health
  • Post-discharge, the resident must have finished a minimum of 90 days of outpatient participation through the Above It All Treatment Centers program or another program recommended by their therapist at the facility
  • The resident must pass the assessment reviewed by the facility’s medical and clinical professionals before re-admission is granted
  • This is offered to individuals admitted after January 1, 2017

Some other addiction treatment facilities in California include:

  • Bayside Marin Treatment Center in San Rafael
  • Promises Treatment Center in Los Angeles
  • The Camp Recovery Center in Scotts Valley
  • Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers in Newport Beach
  • Azure Acres Treatment Center in Sebastopol

Finding Drug Rehab in California

Addiction is devastating. is committed to helping the addicted individual and families find the answers and resources they need to find hope and healing on the other side of treatment. Our staff of mental health professionals, licensed counselors and those in recovery help demystify the process, evaluating the addicted individuals unique physical and behavioral needs and connection you will respected  and effective treatment programs that address those specific needs.

From locating the right inpatient rehab, to outpatient therapy to relapse prevention, our compassionate team works with you to find dedicated, effective and caring treatment professionals and facilities. You’re not alone. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

California Drug and Alcohol Rehabs