The deserts of Arizona are known for their hot dry climate, the grandeur of the grand canyon, the numerous Native American reservations throughout the state and the healing energy vortexes of Sedona. This beautiful state is home to more than twenty Native American tribes of the area, as well as the deep spiritual healing qualities of the land. With all of its splendor and mystique, Arizona is also home to a less touted attribute, drug and alcohol addiction.

Arizona Addiction Statistics

  • 10.4% of youth admit to using illegal drugs
  • 13.2% of teens admit to binge drinking
  • 61.5% of youth see no harm in drinking 5+ alcohol once to twice a week
  • Over 400 thousand Arizonians are dependent on or abuse alcohol
  • Nearly 200 thousand are dependent on or abuse alcohol

And yet shockingly only:

  • 9.5% of alcohol abusers and 15.1% of drug abusers get treatment every year

Addiction can destroy individuals, families and communities but those who seek can find healing and hope through effective treatment programs. The state of Arizona has some amazing inpatient and outpatient programs for those struggling with addiction. Let’s take a closer look a some of these facilities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Arizona

Arizona offers its citizens many options when it comes to healing from addiction, two of which are the Arizona Addiction Treatment Program, Inc and the Scottsdale Recovery Center.

Arizona Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc (AATPI), located in Mesa, provides substance abuse inpatient treatment with outpatient services upon discharge. This facility accepts adolescents and individuals with substance abuse combined with other mental health concerns. At AATPI, the staff provide three basic levels of care with each level individualized to fit the residents needs. These levels include:

  • Pre-rehabilitative Care- support and professional guidance for family and friends involved in an intervention for the addicted person
  • 28-days to a year of Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs– the most vital stage of a person’s recovery process in which the residents are educated on healthier life skills and learn the need for self-honesty
  • Secondary or Post-rehabilitative Care– including outpatient support and resources for a life of sobriety

At AATPI, the residents are offered 12-step education and participation, and the staff use individual and group therapy to assist the residents in confronting harmful patterns of behavior to replace them with healthy behaviors. The approach used by staff and senior residents is confrontative and aggressive in order to help the addict see the damage he or she has done to himself/herself and their loved ones.

Scottsdale Recovery Center, situated between Phoenix and the Tonto National Forest, offers two individualized co-ed programs, one for ages 18-35 and the other for 35 and older, with either a 60 or 90 day stay.

This facility provides medically supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs specifically designed for the unique challenges of the different age sets, as well as addressing accompanying mental health concerns.

With young adults having the statistically highest relapse rates, the staff at Scottsdale Recovery Center especially focus on helping the young adult resident to build a firm foundation in order to both reduce the probability of relapse and increase the quality of life in sobriety.

The staff at the Scottsdale Recovery Center utilizes a holistic approach that include either 12-step or non 12-step principles, along with individual and group therapy. This facility offers a step down into Intensive Outpatient where the resident receives continued support as he/she maintains sobriety outside of the safety of a residential program. Residents and families are provided with addiction education and resources to increase the chances of a successful recovery.

Finding Addiction Treatment in Arizona

For those struggling with addiction and the families and friends who want to the best for them, finding respected and effective treatment programs can be difficult. This is not because they don’t exist, but simply because there are so many options. Which facilities offer programs that best align with the physical and behavioral needs of your loved one? is dedicated connecting the addicted individual and their families with addiction recovery resources in Arizona. When you make a free, confidential call to, our mental health professionals, licensed counselors and those in recovery listen and help you better understand treatment options. We connect you with safe detox programs, intense intervention and outpatient services that are effective and meet your loved one’s unique needs.

Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehabs