Shame and the Stigma of Addiction: How Can we Overcome a Stigma So Strong?

The stigma of addiction can chew you up and spit you out leaving you crushed from the pain of being ridiculed and put to shame. It’s the stigma of addiction that places a supposed character flaw against you for being an addict—but are you really a flawed individual? Is every addict really flawed to the […]

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La recuperación financiera: Cómo volver a encaminarse después de una adicción

Cuando tomas el primer paso hacia la recuperación, tal vez te sientas asustado, ansioso y agobiado. Pero mientras sigues el camino de alejarte más y más de tu adicción, empiezas a sentirte empoderado, animado e incluso inspirado. Es decir, hasta que empiecen a llamar los acreedores. La deuda que acumulaste por causa de tu adicción […]

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Healing After a Lifetime of Struggling with Addiction: The Senior’s Guide to Reconnecting with Adult Children

Senior addiction isn’t a topic that’s widely discussed, but it’s estimated that about 2.5 million older adults in America have a substance abuse issue. Whether you’ve been struggling with it your entire life or the issue developed only after you became a parent, addiction can have an incredibly damaging effect on your relationships with your […]

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Strong Body, Sound Mind: How to Start a Healthy Eating and Exercise Plan in Addiction Recovery

Recovery isn’t just about stopping the substances that have been controlling your life; it’s also about rebuilding a healthy system. Maintaining a steady recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction means you must pay attention to your emotional, mental, and physical health; this includes your exercise plan and nutritional intake. Use this information on exercise […]

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sober parenting for single moms and adoptive parents

Single Parenting and Adoption: How to Cope with Stress in Healthy, Sober Ways

The number of single-parent adoptions has increased substantially in the past few decades. The process of adopting a child can be stressful even for couples, but single parents who choose to adopt have a few more hurdles to face. For instance, birth mothers tend to select married couples, so the wait can be longer for […]

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business support systems in recovery

6 Sober Coping Strategies for Handling the Demands of the Professional World

When you’re in recovery, coping with the demands of everyday life can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re returning to the professional world after having taken some time off to work through recovery or you’ve maintained a part-time or full-time job while on your recovery journey, coping with the stress and other demands of the professional world […]

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saving money after addiction

Recovering Financially Post-Addiction: How to Get Back on Track

When you take that first step toward recovery, you may feel scared, anxious and overwhelmed. But as you continue down the path further and further from your addiction, you start to feel empowered, uplifted, or even inspired. That is, until the creditors start calling. The outstanding debt you racked up because of your addiction isn’t […]

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How to Help Yourself and Your Baby When You Discover You’re Pregnant: A Guide for Addicts

For most women, pregnancy is a time for excitement, encouragement and planning for the future. But other women may feel a dark shadow during this time. Addiction can cloud the joy of pregnancy and put a woman and her unborn child’s safety and well-being at risk. Whether you intended to become pregnant or not, understanding […]

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Parent’s Guide Children Lost to Overdose

Parent’s Guide to Bereavement for Children Lost to Overdose

When your child is in the throes of drug addiction, you do everything you can to help, just like Cathy Fennelly did for her son battling a heroin addiction. She emptied her 401k, sold her jewelry and sobbed every night that he slept cold on the streets. After 8 years, Cathy opened her front door […]

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3 Step Guide to Creating a Soothing Home Environment for a Recovering Addict

A healthy home environment is essential for us all, but especially for those in addiction recovery. Sobriety is fragile. It needs to be nurtured, especially in the early stages of recovery. It’s imperative that the home an addict returns to brings comfort and familiarity, but doesn’t enable old habits. Whether you’re an addict yourself or […]

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